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deer fenceIn  addition to Vineyard Development and Vineyard Maintenance, we offer other services, including:

  • Grafting. Our crews are experienced at grafting, which means we work quickly and achieve a high “take” rate.
  • Deer Fence Installation. If your area is populated with deer, then we can install the necessary fencing to keep them away from your growing plants.

See additional information below on this page about grafting.

Specialists in a Variety of Grafting Services to Help You Get the Most from Your Vineyard

Grafting 4

Grafting is an integral part of producing plants that are suited for your specific vineyard production goals. The purpose of grafting is to:

  1. Obtain vines of the desired fruiting variety on roots resistant to phylloxera or nematodes
  2. Correct mixed varietals in an established vineyard
  3. Change the varietals in an established vineyard
  4. Increase the supply of new or rare varietals rapidly
  5. Produce vines on roots that are tolerant to certain soil conditions

All grafting service is made by our experienced hand grafters. We never use machine grafting. If you are not sure what kind of grafting you need, we provide free consultation on the site. We provide the following kinds of grafting services:

Spring/Fall Field budding and Re-budding

If you want to grow a new varietal, you have the option of grafting cuttings onto your existing rootstock, saving you the time of establishing a new root system. Also, if your original vines were planted on grafted rootstock designed to resist phylloxera, or if your current rootstock is designed to grow well in your type of soil and climate, you may wish to keep those already established roots and graft onto them.


Also called Shield Budding, this may be used on green shoots in early summer. This type of budding, when done on established vines, is useful for obtaining the rapid multiplication of rare varietals or for obtaining early fruiting of seedling.

The whip is stronger, because the interlocking tongues are held under compression by the natural elasticity of the wood of both stock and scion

Cleft Grafting

To change varieties. In cleft grafting the trunk is split with the broad edge of a special grafting tool. After the stump is split, the grafting tool is removed and the small end or chisel is placed in the cleft to pry it apart for insertion of the scion.

Our crew with many years of experience provide the best grafting results in the Northern California and Oregon locations we serve.

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