Farm Labor Contractor: Vineyard Development to Vineyard Maintenance

vineyard labor napaFinding a good farm labor contractor is one of the biggest challenges facing vineyard owners and managers in California. Skilled, reliable and affordable help is not always available. Yet, the training, ethics and skill of the people you hire to work your land can make all the difference.

As the second generation of our families to work the land in both Sonoma County and Napa County, our roots—and our hearts—are here. But more importantly, our future is here.

That’s why we care about our clients, and why we work so hard to help you succeed in growing the best grapes possible on your land to produce the best wine possible from your land. When you succeed, we succeed.

Put Napa Second Generation to work for you today—so you can enjoy higher output tomorrow!


Excellent Vineyard Development

Helping Napa County and Sonoma County vineyard managers prepare their acreage.

Services include old vine removal, trellis system design, irrigation systems, end post installation and more.

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Pros in Vineyard Maintenance

Providing year-round vineyard maintenance.

We offer expert, affordable labor for a full range of pruning services, wire adjustment, bird net installation, grape harvesting and more.

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Other Vineyard Labor Services

We specialize in grafting and have deep expertise in this important craft.

But we also provide a wide range of other vineyard labor services, including help with planting to deer fences to harvest. Ask for details.

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In addition to proper documentation and affordable rates, we provide well-trained, highly skilled workers who bring a commitment to doing their best.

References include well-known area vineyards.

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